iPF TM Printers

The Canon TM printer series of 24" and 36" 5 colour printers ou could say the Canon TM printers series has been designed by Canon customers. Canon has listened to what their customers have asked for and delivered it in their Canon TM series printers. Large format printer professionals throughout the UK wanted quieter and faster printers which took up less space in their studio. They asked for longer lasting photos, posters, technical drawings, illustrations plans and maps which still had Canon's extraordinary vivid quality and consistency that can always be relied on. This Canon TM printer range provides all these features and more.
Taking up where the Canon TX printers left off, the TM printer range is perhaps the most compact large format printer range on the market and will fit in even the smallest of studios, some of these printers are 95 smaller than previous models, check out the compact footprints in the individual TM printer details. These TM printers are a fine complement to Canon's photographic and fine art printer range, the unrivalled imagePROGRAF, iPF PRO printer series. The TM printers are faster and 60% quieter than previous models and even more efficient, with a huge range of suitable printing media, these versatile printers can also be supplied with similar sized scanners for further space saving. and multi-functional purposes. It makes scanning, copying, archiving, printing, sharing - it's a one stop shop that's as easy as pressing a button.
There are eight printer models in Canon's TM printer range: five 36" / 914mm  printer models - TM 300, where HDD and pdf support are requisite there is the TM305, for lower volume scanning output the TM-300MFP L36ei muli-functional LF printer; the TM305MFP T36, for businesses where higher volumes of scanning are required, then the TM-305MFP T36 for the highest requirement of performance for volume scanning and printing, There are three 24" models, the 610mm print size is available in the TM-200 printer mode; for built in HDD and a requirement for supporting pdf the TM-205 printer; for multi-functional 24" printing and scanning the TM-200MFP L24ei is an ideal entry level multi-functional printer option for professional office environments with low volume scanning needs.
Colourcom, is an official Canon Partner, we can help you choose the right large format printer for your business needs. We provide a next day delivery service throughout most of the UK and we can install it for you and provide training to hold your hand all the way. Alternatively we have a range of options that let you choose just how much assistance you want.